The Council of Europe is the oldest European political organisation, founded in 1949 and associating at the moment over 40 countries, including many countries from Central and Eastern Europe.
The Working Group was founded in 1983 in the framework of the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners at the initiative of the Berlin Commissioner for Data Protection, who has since then been chairing the Group.
European Automated Fingerprint Identification System (Eurodac) is a computer system established under Council Regulation (EC) No 2725/2000 of 11 December 2000 concerning the establishment of Eurodac for the comparison of fingerprints for the effective application of the Dublin Convention (Eurodac Regulation).
The Agreement between the European Union and the United States of America on the processing and transfer of Financial Messaging Data from the European Union to the United States for the purposes of the Terrorist Finance Tracking Program – TFTP has been binding since 2010 (OJ L 195/5 of 27 July 2010).