#RODO in education, Lublin province meeting with the protection of personal data at school

Current challenges in educating children and young people on the subject of personal data protection and educational activities conducted by the Personal Data Protection Office in Poland were the theme of the meeting with school principals and teachers from the "#RODO in education" series, which took place on February 28, 2020 in Zamość.

Events from the "#RODO in education" series serve, among others, the need to discuss key issues related to personal data protection in schools among experts. In addition, they are an opportunity to present UODO educational program "Your Data - Your Concern. Effective protection of personal data. Educational activity addressed to students and teachers" which is directed to the headmasters and teachers.

The 10th edition of the UODO educational program is currently underway, in which 343 schools and educational institutions from all over the country are participating, including 8 institutions from the Lublin province. One of them is the Special School and Educational Center from Zamość.

It is worth constantly educating about privacy and personal data protection

As Mirosław Sanek emphasized, we should continue to care about privacy issues, and threats to privacy are constantly growing. He drew attention to the modern economy, which is based on the processing of large numbers of data, which is why personal data is still being hunted. In his view, the law must set limits in this matter.

The rules for processing personal data at school during the Zamość meeting were reminded by Paulina Dawidczyk, deputy director of the Complaints Department at UODO.

She devoted a lot of attention to, e.g. discussing the principles of personal data processing by psychological and pedagogical counseling centers and headmasters, reminding that both entities are separate controllers. In addition, she raised the issues of publishing the image of children on the Internet, as well as the use of video monitoring in educational institution.

Participants of the meeting also had the opportunity to discuss individual problems with the UODO consultant.

Intellectual disability cannot be an obstacle to using the GDPR

During the conference, representatives of the Special School and Educational Center from Zamość presented experiences from the implementation of the two projects: the school game "Do not get caught in the network" and the vlog "Safe 2.0". Both projects are educational initiatives implemented by the Center as part of the UODO educational program.

Their authors point out the need to educate how to deal with personal data by students with intellectual disabilities who are particularly vulnerable to data loss. The importance of this topic was underlined by the huge number of the interested attendees. As many as one-third of the 120 representatives of education attending the meeting, represented institutions specialized in the education of children and young people with special needs. However, this topic is important for many schools due to the dissemination of inclusive education.

The experience of the Zamość Center confirms that despite the difficult matter, which is the law on the protection of personal data, it is enough to show students how this law works in their environment in order to help them acquire skills so that they will not be exposed to the loss of their data.

When it comes to passing knowledge to students with disabilities, as Barbara Grądkowska, the director of the Center in Zamość says: it cannot be theoretical, it must be very practical, arranging such situations in life which happen very often.. In her opinion, students should acquire such knowledge on a training basis to remember to protect their data always, in both the real world and the Internet.

The success of the initiatives implemented by the Center among students was caused by very important factor. Teachers allowed them to use tools that are especially familiar to them, including social media like vlog.


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