Global cooperation aimed at data protection and fighting the coronavirus

Global Privacy Assembly (international organisation of data protection and privacy commissioners) set up a dedicated space on its website containing the statements on coronavirus issued by particular data protection authorities.

Bringing together in one place all of the information from particular countries is aimed at sharing experiences between the members of the Global Privacy Assembly (GPA). Therefore, the dedicated space on the GPA website will be continually updated with further links to the statements of data protection authorities regarding the coronavirus.

The practices from all around the globe will be brought together in one place, allowing the GPA members to learn from each other’s experiences.

The GPA members emphasise that sharing knowledge, experiences and expertise will help to understand the current difficult global situation. Moreover, sharing experiences will enable them to better fulfil their respective mandates in the evolving situation. Exchange of standpoints will also facilitate more efficient undertaking of activities in consultation with other GPA members.

Statement by the GPA Executive Committee is available at:

Statements of particular data protection authorities are available at:

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