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As part of the main events which were organised within the framework of the 14th Data Protection Day, an Open Day at UODO was held. Persons interested in the subject of personal data protection could benefit from legal advice provided by UODO experts. The debates were also organised. Michał Serzycki Awards for the third time were given to the people with educational achievements in the field of personal data protection.

The main event of the 14th Data Protection Day was the ceremony of Michał Serzycki Awards, the General Inspector for Personal Data Protection of the 3rd term, who put great importance to educate the public on the issue of personal data protection. This Award goes to individuals and organizations for activities which concern promotion and education of personal data protection, as well as the right to privacy. Winners of this year's Michał Serzycki Award were: dr Grzegorz Sibiga from the Polish Academy of Sciences, Radom Teacher Training Center and Anna Lewandowska, teacher from Primary School No. 360 in Warsaw. Jan Nowak, the President of UODO and Mirosław Sanek, Deputy President handed in the Awards.

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UODO also helps DPOs

The first debate which was organised during the Open Day concerned the most common problems which are encountered by data protection officers in their work. This topic was discussed by Mirosław Sanek, Deputy President of the Personal Data Protection Office, dr Grzegorz Sibiga from the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Monika Młotkiewicz, head of the Division of Cooperation with DPOs at UODO and Piotr Drobek, advisor, UODO. Mirosław Sanek, Deputy President talked about the big role of the Office as regards contacts with DPOs.

- In order to properly perform the function of a data protection officer, cooperation with the supervisory authority is necessary - as a matter of fact, it results from the provisions. In addition to adapting our communication channels, such as a helpline or newsletter dedicated to DPOs, the office takes care of raising the qualifications of DPOs by developing substantive materials, guides and guidelines. We also work to educate and raise the competences of the DPOs by organizing training or cooperation as part of postgraduate studies. However, first of all, we care about the correct interpretation of the GDPR, harmonizing the practice of applying these rules on the protection of personal data.

During the discussion on DPOs, Monika Młotkiewicz, head of the Division of Cooperation with DPOs at UODO, presented the problems with which DPOs usually turn to the Office.

- UODO receives very specific questions about internal policies, other documentation, how to approach obligations - said Monika Młotkiewicz. She noted that these are very important questions, showing that DPOs very quickly identify legal problems and expect some guidance from the Office. Monika Młotkiewicz pointed out that UODO answers many of these questions both on its own website, which is constantly updated with new issues, as well as in the newsletter addressed to the DPOs.

When discussing the subject of data protection officers, a question arose about the features that an exemplary DPO should have.

- The exemplary DPO should understand its role, what is her or his function in the organizational unit - noted Dr. Grzegorz Sibiga from the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He explained that the DPO is not a defender in the sense that he defends every solution applied by a given office or company. The correct function of the DPO is to ensure a high standard of implementation of the right to the protection of personal data.

Piotr Drobek, UODO Counselor emphasized that the DPOs are the key persons in the organization who are responsible for the data processing mechanisms implemented by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). He also referred to the ideas of IOD certification, saying that the provisions of the GDPR only provide for the certification of the processes so we cannot deal with the certification of persons.

Let's respect children's personal data

The second panel discussion concerned the issue of sharing children's data on the Internet. Experts: Dr. Aleksandra Piotrowska, a child psychologist, a researcher at the University of Warsaw, Dr. Szymon Wójcik from Empowering Children Foundation, Anna Lewandowska from Primary School No. 360 in Warsaw and Paulina Dawidczyk, deputy director of the Complaints Department at UODO, shared their knowledge and experience. The talks were listened to by students of one of the schools participating in the educational program “Your Data - Your Concern”.

Experts, analyzing various aspects of the problem of sharing children's data on the Internet, unanimously argued that parents should not excessively and thoughtlessly share their children's data, e.g. on social media.

Paulina Dawidczyk pointed out that parents must not forget that children also have the right to privacy.

- The child should co-decide with the parents whether he or she wants his or her data to be shared - said Paulina Dawidczyk.

On the other hand, Dr. Anna Piotrowska pointed out that the age of internet initiation is decreasing and it is parents' responsibility to bring up an aware recipient and activist on the Internet.

Are parents prepared for this?

- In fact, everyone knows that privacy is important, but when we confront our knowledge with online behavior, we actually see that awareness of threats is not seen in real actions on the Internet - said Szymon Wójcik.

Anna Lewandowska pointed out that parents should talk a lot to children and thus make them aware of how they should use the Internet.

The youngest students also want to know how to protect privacy.

In addition, during the past Data Protection Day, students of one of the schools participating in the educational program “Your Data - Your Concern” met with Mirosław Sanek, Deputy President of UODO and took part in special classes.

This lesson was an opportunity to familiarize children with many key aspects regarding the protection of personal data, especially privacy. During a joint lesson as a play, children learned difficult concepts in the field of data protection in the context of everyday situations that they experience at school and at home.

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