UODO is looking into a matter related to the disclosure of the data of quarantined persons

The President of the Personal Data Protection Office received from the State Poviat Sanitary Inspector in Gniezno (PPIS) an explanatory letter regarding the publication of personal data of persons who are in quarantine. The case is currently being examined by the UODO and any further actions of the Office will depend on its circumstances.

The list of people who are subject to the quarantine ruled by the PPIS administrative decision in Gniezno and the compulsory quarantine in connection with crossing the country border, as well as people in home isolation in connection with the confirmed infection with SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus have been released to the public. The relevant authorities were notified in this case - the District Prosecutor's Office in Gniezno.

In its explanations, PPIS stated that it had carried out explanatory actions, which show that the source of disclosure of these data was not the Sanitary Station in Gniezno.

PPIS also indicated that the data of persons in quarantine were forwarded to the Poviat Police Headquarters in Gniezno, the Head of the Polish Post Office in Gniezno, Municipal and Social Welfare Centres in the Gniezno poviat and the Fire Brigade Headquarters in Gniezno.

Given the fact that these data were processed by different entities, it is necessary to determine in which of them the violation may have occurred. That is why, the President of the Office takes all actions to which he is entitled to thoroughly explain the circumstances of this violation.

2020-04-30 Metadane artykułu