Remote work of teachers and personal data protection - advice for teachers

Creating personal e-mail addresses for teachers or students or recording the course of a lesson or teachers board in accordance with the principles of the GDPR - are the examples of questions that participants asked during online training entitled "Remote work and personal data protection - advice for teachers", which was organized on May 20, 2020 by the Personal Data Protection Office. The event was made possible thanks to the cooperation with the National eTwinning Office and took place as a part of the "Remote education with eTwinning" campaign.

The theme of the webinar covered various issues related to the remote work of teachers in the context of personal data protection. The chairman of the meeting, Piotr Drobek, a counselor at the UODO, explained, among others school responsibilities as a data controller and data protection tasks of teachers as regards remote work.

- The school represented by its headmaster is a data controller within the meaning of the GDPR and she or he is responsible for compliance with the provisions on the protection of personal data. Teachers are not independent data controllers, and thus cannot decide on the purposes and means of data processing. They process data only as regards their official duties - explained Piotr Drobek.

The UODO expert also referred to the principles of secure processing by teachers of personal data contained in school documentation when the teacher uses it outside school. He also talked about the security of personal data and privacy in the context of the use of private equipment used by teachers to contact students, including when organizing video conferences. In addition, he referred to key aspects of the image as a personal data in the context of recording online lessons by students and teachers.

The past event was addressed primarily to teachers who participate in the 10th edition of the UODO educational program "Your Data - Your Concern". However, due to the current topic and form of the meeting, the webinar was not only a useful complement to the current edition of the program. In addition, it is another recent educational undertaking of UODO that supports school officials in the process of secure data processing during online teaching.

To meet the current needs of schools, for the first time in the history of the UODO’s program for schools, the webinar was implemented via the ClickMeeting educational platform. In addition, thanks to the organizational commitment of the National eTwinning Office, representatives of the "eTwinning community", i.e. teachers implementing the EU school program, also participated in the webinar. In this way, another group of teachers could get to know better, in practice, the "Your Data - Your Concern" program.

Below we provide you with the recording of the webinar::


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