The President of the UODO and the Patient's Rights Ombudsman tighten their cooperation

Jan Nowak, the President of the Personal Data Protection Office and Bartłomiej Chmielowiec, the Patient’s Rights Ombudsman, signed an agreement on mutual cooperation, the purpose of which is to support each other in the implementation of statutory tasks.

Education, legislative cooperation or provision of information about threats that require joint action - these are the areas in which the President of the Personal Data Protection Office and the Patient' s Rights Ombudsman cooperate. The agreement signed between them also envisages mutual provision of information in areas related to the implementation of the statutory tasks of both entities, in which both institutions show interest or have statutory competences.

- Patients' data about their health require special care. One should remember about the dignity of patients, their privacy and skillful reconciliation of these rights with the necessity to take care of public health. Therefore, the cooperation between the President of the Personal Data Protection Office and the Patient’s Rights Ombudsman is extremely important, said Jan Nowak, the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

- The Patient’s Rights Ombudsman focuses on education, safety and patient support. Our cooperation with the Personal Data Protection Office is very important from the perspective of patients data protection, respecting their rights and educating them about the possibilities they have - added Bartłomiej Chmielowiec, the Patient's Rights Ombudsman.

The cooperation of both institutions will certainly allow for better protection of patients not only by effective response in the event of a threat, but also by building appropriate awareness among both patients and data controllers.

- The dynamically changing environment, especially related to the development of technology and profiling of citizens based also on their health data, requires closer cooperation between the two institutions - emphasized Jan Nowak.

- New challenges posed by the reality in health care, including the development of e-health, the resulting opportunities, but also tasks require harmonious and close cooperation between the Patient’s Rights Ombudsman and the Personal Data Protection Office - summarized Bartłomiej Chmielowiec.

The agreement also aims to create conditions under which cooperation will be properly organized and supervised by both authorities. Therefore, the agreement contains a provision on the use of the expert and organizational potential of both institutions.

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