The President of the UODO on publishing private addresses of politicians and judges on Twitter

In connection with making public on Twitter the private addresses of pro-life activists, politicians and judges, the President of the Personal Data Protection Office took without delay steps to protect the personal data and privacy of these persons.

Publishing private address and contact details of pro-life activists, politicians and judges by users of the Twitter social network is an action leading to the disclosure of a wide sphere of privacy, and thus posing threats to health and life, such as possible acts of violence and aggression against these people and their family members.

The President of the Personal Data Protection Office, having analyzed all aspects of the case, in accordance with its competences under the GDPR, took the following steps:

  • requested investigation without delay by the Irish supervisory authority which is competent for the processing of personal data via Twitter; pointing to the huge scale of threats, attention was drawn to the need to verify the response time to reported inaccuracies and the possibility of introducing automated solutions to counteract the rapid promotion of such content by other portal users,
  • addressed to law enforcement authorities a notification that users of the Twitter website publishing content containing private data of the above-mentioned persons had  committed an offense consisting in the processing of personal data without a legal basis, i.e. the offense specified in Art. 107 paragraph 1 of the Act of 10 May 2018 on the Protection of Personal Data, law enforcement authorities, having at their disposal a wide range of instruments, will be required to examine and document the scope of personal data disclosed in a way infringing the data protection rules, and to identify the group of entities responsible for unlawful data processing,
  • requested the Minister of Justice - the Prosecutor General to subject the case notified to law enforcement authorities to special control due to the escalation of conflict and aggression, which cause a high risk of violating the life interests of both persons whose data is published on social media and their family members.

Intensification of activities of all competent authorities in this matter is necessary due to the unprecedented nature of the infringements and the alarming announcements of disclosing the data of more people, as well as the deepening wave of aggression.

2020-12-01 Metadane artykułu