We will soon know the winners of the ‘Michał Serzycki’ Data Protection Award

At the end of January 2021, for the fourth time, the President of the Personal Data Protection Office will award the ‘Michał Serzycki’ Data Protection Award, which is awarded for activities concerning the protection of personal data.

Who will the statuettes go to this year? The winners will be announced on January 28th, 2021, during the online conference "Real personal data protection in remote reality", which is the main point of the celebration of the 15th Data Protection Day.

The ‘Michał Serzycki’ Data Protection Award was established in 2018 by Ph.D. Edyta Bielak-Jomaa.

 It is awarded to individuals and organizations, both in Poland and abroad, appreciated for promoting the values of personal data protection and the right to privacy. It is also an award for those who, with their achievements, emphasize the extremely important role of social education in this area  explained Urszula Góral, director of the International Cooperation and Education Department at UODO.

So far, the President of the Personal Data Protection Office has awarded the prize to the outstanding personalities, whose achievements have significantly contributed to raising the level of awareness in the field of data protection. In previous years, the award went to prof. Michał Seweryński (deputy speaker of the Senate in 2017-2019), prof. Irena Lipowicz (Ombudsman in 2010-2015), as well as Ph.D. Grzegorz Sibiga, head of the Department of Administrative Law for many years at the Institute of Law Studies at Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. The winners of the award were also renowned international experts in the field of personal data protection: Ms. Sophie Kwasny from the Council of Europe and prof. Paul de Hert (Vrije Universiteit in Brussels). Every year, the award is granted to teachers and institutions involved in the UODO’s educational program "Your data - Your concern". In recent years, Ms. Anna Janik and Ms. Anna Lewandowska, the Computer Assisted Education and Information Technology Centre in Warsaw, the Radom Teachers’ Training Center and the Gliwice Education Centre were awarded.

More information about this year's edition of the ‘Michał Serzycki’ Data Protection Award and the achievements of the winners of 2021, will be presented on January 28th on the UODO’ s website at www.uodo.gov.pl.

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