How to take care of personal data during online classes?

Security of personal data during distance learning ‒ this is the topic of an online lecture prepared by the Personal Data Protection Office (UODO) for teaching staff of various types of schools. The webinar took place on March 11, 2021, as part of the program initiated by the Education Office in Warsaw "React and Support. Coalition for creating a safe distance learning environment".

 How to safely remotely teach children and youth is one of the key issues for teachers and those involved in education at the moment. Many doubts are raised among teaching staff, especially issues related to the protection of personal data in the context of distance learning. That is why we invited the Personal Data Protection Office to participate in the project  explained Aurelia Michałowska, Mazovian Education Superintendent.

 Responding to the needs of educators, during the lecture an expert from the Personal Data Protection Office will discuss all issues related to safe distance learning  announced Urszula Góral, Director of the International Cooperation and Education Department at UODO.

About personal data security at school

 Students are increasingly aware of their rights and obligations under the law. However, they need to pay more attention to how to behave in specific situations in everyday life, including the new conditions created by distance learning  explained Urszula Góral. She added: The Office's experience gained thanks to cooperation with schools shows unequivocally that the interest in the subject of personal data protection is growing not only among principals and teachers, but  which makes us particularly glad  among students themselves.

Deepening especially the practical aspects of knowledge about personal data protection is justified by the tasks performed by schools processing personal data of students, their parents or guardians and teachers. However, with the spread of distance learning, additional elements have emerged that were not dominant in traditional teaching.

It is about understanding the processing of data transfer through the Internet, since tools such as teleconferencing, previously less commonly used in schools, are now in use. School administrators, in order to prepare staff to work in the changed conditions, had to provide them with new knowledge, also about secure remote data processing.

In addition, issues related to disclosing images, both of teachers and students, became relevant, which also raised questions about security. In the past months the UODO was also asked by parents about the rules of secure processing of personal data, which confirms that they pay attention also to this area of functioning of educational institutions.

About the "React and support..." programme

The aim of the "React and Support. Coalition for the Creation of a Safe Distance Learning Environment" programme is to support children and youth in distance learning by providing parents and teachers with knowledge useful in organizing a safe remote education process.

The project is a series of online webinars scheduled between January and March 2021. The series consists of 6 online meetings conducted by experts in a given field, which are addressed to parents and teachers. The programme also includes a guide for principals, teachers and parents as a support in solving problems that may arise when students return from distance learning to the classroom.

The Programme is implemented by the Education Office in Warsaw in cooperation with the Mazovian Voivodeship Office, NASK National Research Institute, the Warsaw Metropolitan Police Authority, the Personal Data Protection Office, voivodeship consultants for psychiatry and clinical psychology, and the Mazovian Teachers Vocational Training Center.

More information about the programme can be found (in Polish) on the website of the Education Office in Warsaw at:,Program-Reaguj-i-wspieraj-Koalicja-na-rzecz-tworzenia-bezpiecznego-srodowiska-na.html.

Below we present a video of the webinar:

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