Partners’ fourth meeting in Warsaw - e-OpenSpace project, 20.08.2019

The partners’ fourth meeting was devoted to the summary of the done work within the framework of the "e-OpenSpace" project. It took place at the headquarters of the Personal Data Protection Office in Poland and was the last one that concerned the coordination of works on the project. The "e-OpenSpace" project will end in August 2019 after a two-year implementation period.

The project coordinator - a representative of the Bulgarian Commission for Personal Data Protection (CPDP), confirmed that the project assumptions were fully implemented. Currently, the last works related to technical aspects of functioning of the main result of the project, which is the e-learning platform, are underway. Works on the offered language versions of this tool are also close to the end : English, Bulgarian, Croatian, Polish and Italian. Platform users will be able to, among others take 10 courses presenting both general and more specific issues on the General Data Protection Regulation.

To met the demand of people who want to acquire knowledge about personal data protection, the offered e-learning platform will be successively supplemented with new educational materials, whose authors will be representatives of supervisory authorities, scientists or other organizations that deal with personal data protection. The aim of the platform is to be a space full of knowledge available for everyone who would like to start learning about personal data protection as well as deepen and consolidate their knowledge.

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