Summary of the 10th edition of the program "Your data – Your concern"

Implementation of the 10th edition of the nationwide educational program "Your data – Your concern. Effective protection of personal data. Educational activity addressed to students and teachers" has come to an end. It was a unique, since the jubilee edition of the program. Many interesting projects and meetings were part of this edition. A lot of activities were going on!

- The 10th edition of the "Your data – Your concern" program brought many events and activities. Here it should certainly be emphasized that the program is created by participants, i.e. teacher training institutions and teachers as well as students participating in it. These initiatives listed below are the soul of the program and the teachers are the authors of them. The initiatives create and define the program. We wish to thank everyone involved in this year's edition and invite you to participate in the next school year edition - said Jan Nowak, President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

We started the current edition of the UODO educational program "Your data – Your concern" with a conference in Rojów, thus continuing the series of provincial meetings #RODO in education, bringing the program closer to school headmasters and teachers. As every year, expert’s support for all participants of the 10th edition was presented during a two-day training, this time organized in the Senate of the Republic of Poland, where thanks to courtesy of parliament representatives we could present to program coordinators from each institution lots of interesting and useful information on the protection of personal data and privacy. And once again the machine started, and a lot happened.

On January 28, on the occasion of the Data Protection Day, the President of the UODO sent an open letter to all program participants, encouraging them to spend in an active manner the data protection and privacy day. On this day, for a joint celebration, students from the school in Siedlce came to the UODO headquarters. For children it was a day filled with a lot of information provided during a special lesson organized at the Office. To make this day more attractive, we invited kids to a photo booth, which encouraged them to have fun incognito J Also during the Data Protection Day we traditionally announced two competitions taking place as part of the program. As usual, one of them was intended for educational institutions, while the other was targeted at students. We have received many great suggestions for educational initiatives as well as interesting and informative video spots. Competitions were settled in May.

Zamość became another goal of the visit of the representatives and experts from the UODO. Here we continued the series of our #RODO provincial conferences in education. We took that opportunity to organise there a meeting to remind everyone gathered that it is worth constantly educating about the protection of personal data and privacy.

The pandemic and epidemiological situation in Poland, related to the spread of coronavirus, did not cut our wings. What could we do when isolation became a necessity? It turned out that a lot. From April, we began issuing teacher tips. We hope that it is useful for most interested institutions. The tips concerned aspects related to, among others using internet or smartphone in a secure manner. When educational trips became impossible, online education remained the only solution. And so, on May 20, 2020, to meet the current needs of schools regarding knowledge about personal data protection during isolation, an online training took place about Remote work of teachers and personal data protection - advice for teachers, led by the UODO expert. On June 9, we organized the webinar for schools the GDPR in the school bench - a violation vademecum. The training and webinar enjoyed huge interest, which should certainly motivate us to the organization of such lessons in the future.

The "Your data – Your concern" program is also numbers and these are impressive: 347 schools and teacher training centers participating in the program, 4 245 trained teachers and 1 718 teachers involved in its implementation, 45 059 students participating in the program. 1 267 educational activities were carried out, including 399 on the occasion of the Data Protection Day. Teachers implementing the program, conducted as many as 3 731 lessons on the subject of personal data protection. We are glad that thanks to the new formula, which allowed schools to join even during the school year, it was possible to break many records regarding the numbers quoted above :)

The list of implemented educational initiatives is available in Polish here.

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