Over 1200 initiatives implemented in the 10th edition of the "Your data – Your concern" program

In the 2019/2020 school year, schools and educational institutions participating in the 10th edition of the "Your data – Your concern" program have implemented 1 267 educational initiatives dedicated to the protection of personal data. Among them, there were activities which promoted the principles of secure use of personal data at and outside of school, especially in the virtual world. There were also undertakings addressed to teachers, parents and even seniors. School data protection officers have also actively supported many activities.

We invite you to learn more about several initiatives.

In Zielonka, teachers, DPOs and parents joined forces to support students

At the Primary School in Zielonka (Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship), a data protection officer joined the educational activities, who together with the school coordinator of the program conducted classes with students. ─ The initiating factor of the action is the fact that as DPOs  we are the parents of an 11-year-old boy and observe the havoc caused by uncontrolled access to the Internet in the minds of young people. Hence the idea to raise the topic of online security at meetings with students. As it turned out, very timely and necessary - emphasizes Hanna Kaczmarczyk the program coordinator and at the same time the deputy of the DPO in the Primary School in Zielonka.

In addition, workshops were held with teachers who, among others, got to know the scenarios about online privacy classes and discussed the needs and possibilities of cooperation between parents, teachers and the DPOs to make children aware of existing threats.

In addition, a meeting was organized for parents, during which the program "Your data – Your concern" was presented and the term of privacy was explained. ─ The most important thing in education about privacy is to educate parents who have 100% influence on how much time their children spend online. Parents need to know what dangers children may face online and should be reminded about it. In our opinion, the problem of Internet addiction of younger and younger children results from the lack of awareness of parents - emphasized Hanna Kaczmarczyk. ─ Secondly, you need to educate children and you can involve the school's headmaster, data protection officer and teachers, not only IT teachers, but the entire teaching staff, so as to sensitize also to class teachers to this topic - emphasizes the program coordinator. In addition, it is good practice to ensure accountability that the school management provides teachers and parents with information on personal data protection using an e-journal.

Teachers were also taught in Celestynów and Izabelin

Educational initiatives implemented in the "Your data – Your concern" program are also used to educate teachers. This is due to, among others, the formula of the program, which every year provides teachers with "fresh and practical knowledge" on data protection and privacy. An example of such an initiative is training at the Batalion Zośk Public Primary School  in Celestynów (Masovian Voivodeship). Members of the pedagogical council got to know the methods of personal data protection and respect for privacy, and thus the training was conducted by the project implementers on the basis of materials available at www.uodo.gov.pl, including the guide "Personal data protection in schools and educational institutions (in Polish)” and the school's own coordinator's knowledge acquired in the UODO educational program.

The subject of the training was focused on selected aspects of data protection, but very important for schools, including: network security, processing of students' personal data, including sharing their image, participating in competitions or transferring information about the student (by phone / third parties). The training was also an opportunity to explain what is the leakage of personal data or the consequences of a lost pen drive. ─ Teachers, learning the secrets of protecting their privacy, will find it easier to explain the threats to their students, because every person should consciously move in global space ─ emphasized teacher of the school in Celestynów, Joanna Drozd.

Teachers' education was also focused on in another Masovian institution. At the Stanisław Królicki Primary School in Izabelin a workshop entitled "Protect your image on the web" using multimedia applications was held. The workshop was led by the school coordinator of the program Honorata Glazer. ─ The biggest advantage of the classes was that the participants could prepare an educational lesson on personal data protection in an interesting way, and I could share the materials and information I received during the training "Your data – Your concern" ─ explained the teacher of this primary school.

In Dylągówka, an educational game encouraged students to change their behawior

PCK Primary School in Dylągówka (Podkarpackie voivodeship) conducted an interactive team competition "Safe Internet" on the topic of online security using a platform for creating interactive games. The game was created to check and consolidate students' knowledge on the following topics: Internet security, personal data and their protection, preventing unwanted online behavior. ─ In our opinion, the most important thing in education about personal data protection is prevention, i.e. preventing, by making students aware of the effects of improper online behavior, affecting emotions, stimulating reflection by giving specific examples of irresponsible behavior and their effects; in short, care for your online image, said teacher and program coordinator Halina Bogdan.

Selected educational initiatives were implemented as part of the 10th edition of the nationwide program "Your data – Your concern". The full list of initiatives is available below in Polish.

We would like to thank the school coordinators of the "Your data – Your concern" program and students for all the undertakings they have undertaken and for their incredible commitment to protecting the privacy of children and young people. Let's work together and share knowledge!

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