On September 1, the recruitment for the 12th edition of the YDYC program will be launched

We invite schools and educational institutions to participate in the 12th edition of the UODO's educational program "Your data – Your  concern". We encourage all interested parties to read the recruitment details and fill out the application form.

The goal of the program is to promote knowledge about personal data protection among students and teachers by expanding the educational offer of schools and  vocational training centers with content related to personal data protection and the right to privacy.

The headmaster of a school or vocational training center who is interested in joining the program should apply by filling out and sending the application form, which is available (in Polish) at the following link: https://uodo.gov.pl/pl/21/31.

What was prepared in the upcoming edition of the UODO program for schools?

In the school year 2021/2022 we have planned many interesting and practical activities in the program, tailored to the diverse needs of representatives of school communities – primarily headmasters, teachers and students. Among the planned activities are:

  • conferences,
  • trainings and webinars for teachers,
  • a variety of thematic studies on data protection and privacy that teachers can use during their lessons or extracurricular classes,
  • a series of advices addressed to teachers, children and adolescents as well as parents on the principles of safe processing of personal data in various everyday situations and when students use new technologies.

Participation in the program is also an opportunity for educational institutions to create support and self-study networks for teachers.

A detailed schedule of activities in the school year 2021/2022 is available below in the attachment (in Polish).

Why is it worth participating in the program "Your data  Your concern"?

The program "Your data – Your concern" provides teachers and students with an opportunity to implement original educational initiatives devoted to the protection of personal data. The best, and especially the most innovative ones, are awarded by the UODO in competitions.

For years the Personal Data Protection Office has been encouraging program participants to undertake numerous educational initiatives devoted to personal data protection. Many of such undertakings are carried out on the occasion of Data Protection Day, which falls every year on 28 January. However, in a school environment, during the school year, there are many more opportunities to learn more about data protection and privacy law, especially in a practical aspect.

As the experiences of the past editions of the program show, the initiatives undertaken by schools serve the school community in many ways.

By participating in the program, headmasters, teachers and administrative staff broaden their knowledge on how to properly process personal data, effectively prevent personal data breaches and better identify risks associated with those tasks in the educational institution that involve the processing of personal data.

In turn, the program helps students gain knowledge and thus acquire skills that will facilitate their functioning not only in the school community, but also in the local environment, and in the future.

In addition, parents can also learn a lot of interesting information, e.g. about the GDPR, which contributes to raising their awareness as regards the school's obligations related to the processing of personal data of data subjects.

Where to look for detailed information about the UODO educational program?

To learn more about the objectives of the programme and how it is implemented, we encourage you to read the information available in the video:


For more information about the programme and rules of participation, please refer to the programme’s terms and conditions, which are available in Polish at: https://uodo.gov.pl/pl/21/32.

Patrons and partners

The programme is implemented under the honorary patronage of the Minister of Education and Science and the Children's Rights Ombudsman.


The programme's supporting partner is the Computer Assisted Education and Information Technology Centre in Warsaw.


Patroni medialni


Moreover, the program has been popular with the media for many years. The media patrons of the current edition of the program are:

Patroni medialni

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