The UODO’s President encourages students and teachers to always take care of their data

‒ Let education on the protection of privacy and safe processing of personal data be a permanent element of the everyday education process and a solid foundation for activities undertaken in educational institutions ‒ emphasised Jan Nowak, the President of the Personal Data Protection Office, in an open letter addressed to the participants of the 12th edition of the "Your data ‒ Your concern" educational program.

The letter was written in connection with the 16th Data Protection Day,  celebrated on January 28, 2022.

The President of the Personal Data Protection Office (UODO), addressing the participants of the educational program, recalled that the Data Protection Day aims to emphasize how important privacy is and what value personal data have gained in the modern world. As he added, this holiday is also an opportunity to reflect on how to safely use technology.

The President of the UODO expressed the hope that this year's celebrations will be a convenient opportunity for school communities to broaden their horizons by acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to consciously use the benefits of new technologies, with which we come into contact at every step, in every aspect of modern life. Thus, he referred to the main topic of this year's celebrations of the Data Protection Day, which is "Personal Data Protection on a Daily Basis".

At the same time, he reminded that the annual event is an opportunity to undertake many local educational initiatives that enrich the nationwide celebrations of this special holiday.

The text of the open letter is available below.

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