12th edition of the nationwide educational programme "Your data – Your concern"

With the conference in the series „RODO w edukacji” ("#GDPR in education"), which will take place on October 12, 2021 in Kutno, the Personal Data Protection Office will inaugurate the twelfth edition of the nationwide educational programme "Your data – Your concern".

In the school year 2021/2022, many events are waiting for students and teachers.

For starters: a meeting in Kutno

The announced conference is a joint project of the Personal Data Protection Office and Władysław Jagiełło Primary School No. 9 in Kutno. The event is aimed at promoting the subject of personal data protection among students and teachers, as well as at emphasising the important role of this subject matter in the education of young people. The conference will discuss the most important issues related to the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in school practice, as well as examples of good practices in educational activities to protect the privacy of children and youth.

The agenda of the event is attached below.

Then: many engaging activities

The events that we plan to organize during the upcoming edition of the programme include competitions and webinars for teachers.

In addition, an online training for programme coordinators will take place on October 27 and 28, 2021. The training is one of the most important stages of the programme, thanks to which the teaching staff of schools and teacher training centres will acquire the necessary knowledge on the principles of personal data protection and privacy. The training will also provide an opportunity to answer many bothering questions, but also to exchange experiences and good practices regarding the organisation of classes with students.

Another element of the programme is conducting classes on personal data protection in schools and teacher training centres (including meetings, trainings, lessons) and organising the celebration of the European Data Protection Day.

About the programme

The main goal of the programme is to extend the educational offer of teacher training centres, primary schools and secondary schools with content related to personal data protection and the right to privacy.

More information about the programme and its previous editions can be found at: https://uodo.gov.pl/en/506.

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