Europol Cooperation Board

Under the Regulation No 2016/794, the Board has an advisory function and is composed of representatives of national supervisory authorities of the Member States and of the European Data Protection Supervisor. The tasks of the Board include:

  • discussing general policy and strategy of data protection supervision of Europol and the permissibility of the transfer, the retrieval and any communication to Europol of personal data by the Member States,
  • examining difficulties of interpretation or application of this Regulation,
  • studying general problems relating to the exercise of independent supervision or the exercise of the rights of data subjects,
  • discussing and drawing up harmonised proposals for joint solutions on matters referred to in Article 44(1),
  • discussing cases submitted by the EDPS in accordance with Article 44(4),
  • discussing cases submitted by any national supervisory authority,
  • promoting awareness of data protection rights.

The Cooperation Board shall meet whenever necessary, and at least twice a year as required by the Regulation 2016/794.

The Europol Cooperation Board elects a Chair and a Vice-Chair from among its members for a term of office of two years. Currently, the Chairman of the Cooperation Board is Professor Francois Pellegrini.

Europol Cooperation Board Activity Report 2017-2018: