New Technologies Forum 2023: What is the future of personal data?

The Personal Data Protection Office invites to the New Technologies Forum. The event, organised in cooperation with the New Technologies Law Association and the University of Economics and Human Sciences, will take place on 20 and 21 September 2023 in Warsaw.

Issues concerning the relationship between data protection and new technologies, including artificial intelligence, have long been of interest to the Personal Data Protection Office.

For a better understanding of the technology, the potential for its use, the benefits and risks, the Office is undertaking a number of educational and scientific initiatives. The latest initiative is a two-day conference in which experts representing both the private and public sectors have been invited to participate.

– „The upcoming event will become a forum for the exchange of views on new regulations and legislative changes in the field of digital services or cyber security. The conference, given the broad spectrum of topics covered, will certainly be a compass for all those interested in personal data protection and new technologies”, said Jakub Groszkowski, Deputy President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

Agenda of the event

During the thematic sessions and debate, participants will address issues such as:

  • personal data protection in the era of new technologies,
  • artificial intelligence and personal data protection - legal and ethical challenges,
  • security of information in the digital age,
  • the challenge for data protection authorities in the age of innovation,
  • key legislative developments in the area of new technologies 2023/2024.

The two-day expert meeting will conclude with a debate entitled. “Key trends of new technologies in the context of personal data protection”.

The full agenda of the event can be found below and in the appendix (in Polish).

Conditions of participation in the conference

Those wishing to attend this conference remotely will be able to take part in a livestream, which can be accessed on the DPA’s website via an active link on 20 and 21 September:


Due to a limited number of participants, attendance is determined by the order in which you join the event.