The role of medical data needs more attention

On 7 February 2024, at the headquarters of the Central Center for Research, Innovation and Education at the Supreme Medical Council, a meeting was held to inaugurate the formation of the Medical Data Security Team, bringing together representatives of the state sector and the Supreme Medical Council’s specialists.

The event was attended by representatives of the Personal Data Protection Office: Jakub Groszkowski, Deputy President of the Personal Data Protection Office and Monika Krasińska - Director of the Case Law and Legislation Department.

During the meeting, the group of the Central Center for Research, Innovation and Education at the Supreme Medical Council presented its activities and the conclusions of the report “Medical data in the work of the doctor- current state & desired changes”. This report shows the issues concerning the legal regulations in the field of medical data processing in Poland.

Participants discussed the issues surrounding medical data management and the need for measures to benefit patients, the medical community, but also employers. They also considered possible actions that the Medical Data Security Team could take to influence real changes to existing regulations. Further action in this area should address, among others, areas such as data availability and quality, data security, development and awareness.

It has been suggested that the area of medical data be singled out as a dedicated area of public policy in health care, that a dedicated medical data team be singled out, that a plan be made for further development of the medical data collection and use system, and that a draft law on medical data be prepared. 

The meeting also talked about education on data protection in the health sector and the use of artificial intelligence tools to assist doctors in diagnosing diseases and treatments.