The President took part in a discussion organised as part of European e-Commerce Summit

An equal legal and competitive framework for European and Asian e-entrepreneurs - this was the main topic of the discussion held on 23 May in Warsaw as part of the European E-Commerce Summit. The debate was attended by Mirosław Wróblewski, the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

The event was organised by the Chamber of the Digital Economy. Participants included representatives of European e-commerce organisations, experts related to the digital economy, leaders of national e-commerce brands, as well as representatives of the public sector. The debate revolved around “The Same Start” campaign, where participants discussed issues related to ensuring an equal legal and competitive framework for e-entrepreneurs offering their services to the global market.

The calls for market harmonisation referred in particular to the need to set the same level of protection for personal data, consumer rights, intellectual property and product safety for Asian and European suppliers. Participants of the debate also emphasised that in order to realise the principle of fair competition, it is necessary to establish uniform requirements in terms of customs and duties.