Webinar "Your Data and Artificial Intelligence"

The Personal Data Protection Office is organising a webinar, which will take place on Monday, January 10, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. The online lecture devoted to artificial intelligence is addressed to secondary school students participating in the 12th edition of the "Your data – your concern" program.

The future is moving towards more and more data collection. The development of new technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) is based on a huge amount of data, including personal data. Therefore, the purpose of the webinar is to explain what artificial intelligence really is and how important it is to protect personal data by, among other things, exercising restraint and prudence in using the benefits of modern technologies.

The speakers – Rafał Grodzki, Deputy Director of the IT Department at the Personal Data Protection Office, and Andrzej Jankowski, Intel Polska expert – will refer to many issues that help to shape conscious attitudes among young people. They will define the concept of AI, explaining why privacy protection is particularly important in the context of the processing of huge amounts of information by advanced IT systems. They will provide practical examples of how to create artificial intelligence, as well as how to "train" it for one’s own needs. They will also explain how AI works and discuss its general mechanisms.

This is a subsequent meeting in the series of lectures for participants of the "Your data – your concern" program. Support in the organisation of the event is provided by the Computer Assisted Education and Information Technology Centre in Warsaw.

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