Processing of personal data by psychological-educational counselling centres and parents' council

One should not fear the GDPR, but consciously apply it - this is the conclusion of the online lecture entitled. “Processing of personal data by psychological-educational counselling centres and parents' councils”. The Personal Data Protection Office organised the event on 8 December 2022 as part of the “GDPR at the school desk” series.

The meeting was addressed to school principals, teachers and data protection officers from schools and educational institutions, as well as representatives of teachers training centres participating in the 13th edition of the nationwide educational programme “Your Data - Your Concern”.


During the lecture, the expert from the Personal Data Protection Office explained who is the controller of personal data processed by psychological and pedagogical counselling centres within their own competences and by school psychologists and educators. She devoted much attention to discussing the obligations of controllers under the General Data Protection Regulation. In addition, she discussed the principles that school psychologists and educators should follow when responding to requests for personal information, so that there is no unlawful sharing of this information.

In addition, the speaker explained the role of the parents' council in the processing of personal data at the school, drawing attention to the relationship that exists between the council and the school principal and pointing out the latter's competence to administer the data.