Lodging a complaint in a traditional form, including for the record

Lodging a complaint in a traditional form, including for the record at the seat of the President of the Office

Every complaint must be lodged in Polish.

Each complaint lodged with the President of the Office must contain:

  1. name, surname and address of residence of the complainant;
  2. indication of the entity against which the complaint is lodged (name / name and surname and address of the seat/residence);
  3. detailed description of the violation;
  4. request, i.e. indication of what action the applicant expects from the authority (e.g. deletion of data, fulfillment of the information obligation, rectification of data, limitation of data processing, etc.);
  5. complainant’s handwritten signature;

Note: if the complaint contains more than one request, care should be taken to ensure that they do not contradict each other (e.g. it is not possible to request that the controller/processor comply with an information obligation and at the same time demand to erase the personal data)

If the subject of the complaint is the sole fact of personal data having been made available to unauthorised entities, it is not necessary to indicate a request. In such a case, it is sufficient to indicate that it is disputed that the controller/processor has made the data available to another entity.

If the complainant has evidence confirming the circumstances indicated in the complaint (e.g. correspondence with the controller, contracts, certificates), he/she should attach them to the complaint in order to facilitate the proceedings.

Please, be informed that complaints lacking the name and surname (name) or indication of address will not be further considered due to the impossibility of contacting the complainant.

We also inform you that you can file a complaint orally for the record at the seat of the Office (after prior arrangement by calling on 22 531 03 44).